Pasadena Covenant Ministry Center Master Plan

Since 1922, a community of people who call themselves Pasadena Covenant Church have been meeting on the corner of Lake and Santa Barbara in Pasadena. We are currently developing a master plan for how to use the facilities that we have inherited from those who have gone before us. The following articles seek to document the steps in the ongoing process. Check back periodically for additional information.

The Pasadena Covenant Ministry Center consists of eleven parcels of land on the corner of Lake and Santa Barbara in downtown Pasadena that were cobbled together over a period of eighty years beginning in 1922.  We don’t know the current market value of the 2.25 acres of land but it is a whole lot more that what was paid for it. There are ten structures on the property and enough doors to warrant employing our own locksmith. These include…

The members of Pasadena Covenant Church and our ministry partners listed below share not only facilities but also a commitment to loving our neighbors in creative and practical ways. Here they are…

Listed below are six challenges that need to be address by the congregation.

They include…

The following six recommendations provide some boundaries for the scope of the current master plan we are working on.

In 1981 Pasadena Covenant Church purchased a home across the street from the main campus

We are in the process of developing a proposal for the renovation of the Sanctuary building. This article outlines the history of the structure, renovation design goals and process.

Aside from a few teenage boys who left their signatures on the frame, few in the congregation have ever seen it from the inside. Hidden behind a floor to ceiling sound wall for the past fifty years, the stain glass window that measures thirteen feet wide and twenty feet tall shines as a silent witness to days gone by. Read the story of the window here.